That’s a wrap! And what a project it has been! The Danville Hotel project was recently named Gold Nugget – 2016 Project of the Year at PCBC in San Francisco. Congratulations to everyone that contributed to this iconic and memorable project.

“The goal of this ambitious project was the revitalize portion of the Danville California main street. The mixed-use development is anchored by the conversion and restoration of a 125- year old hotel into a new restaurant and two affordable apartments upstairs.” – Judges statement.

The original hotel was opened in 1858 and operated by Henry W. Harris until it was destroyed in a fire in 1873. Construction of the new hotel began in 1891 and it opened for business again in 1892. Fast forward 143 years and you’ll find it located today in the historic downtown of Danville. This hotel symbolizes not only a historical monument but a building with many lives.

The overhaul over this property brings a new generation of mix-use property to the city. It features an “above the store” design, with 16 condominiums sitting atop retail space.

“These new buildings hone the Victorian vernacular via the material palette, window types and trim. All these architectural elements adhere to that states Guidelines for Historic Preservation.”

We created a symbolic logo which represents the history of Danville as well as the present and future. The chosen design is a hybrid of the emblematic name and a historical photographic image.




We are honored to have been part of the team involved in bringing this building back to life.

Builder/Developer: Castle Companies
Architect/Planner: William Hezmalhalch