We are excited to announce that Placewright Design won 2 gold awards at the NAHB National Sales and Marketing Council, The Nationals 2017 in Orlando, Florida. We would like to thank our clients, Bridge Housing and Thompson Building Materials, for allowing us to express our creativity and embrace our vision; as well as the judges and the hard-working team who put the award program together. It’s truly an honor to finalize among such talent, but to win, so humbling and exciting. A big thank you to Bill Hezmalhalch for his support and for recognizing the potential and opportunity to create Placewright Design.

Best Logo
The Abigail, Portland Oregon
Bridge Housing

The Abigail

As a leader in the affordable housing industry, this builder’s new community is a notable milestone for the Pacific Northwest. Located in the north end of Portland’s famous Pearl District, these apartment homes were named after the equal rights pioneer Abigail Scott Duniway. This idea of equality was a key foundational element we highlighted in the brand narrative, and is visually conveyed in the logo mark and the signage concepts.

The emphasis of the two red lines in the “A” are a literal icon of equality, equal housing, and fair opportunities. By encompassing it in a circular element and distinguishing it by color, we sought to convey how significant and central this value of equality was to the builder and to the community. The color palette was carefully curated to pair with the interiors and exteriors of the building, as well as the modern and simplistic feel of the Pearl District’s local ambiance.

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Best Website for an Associate and Supplier
Thompson Building Materials, Orange CA

Thompson Building Materials Website

Thompson Building Materials Homepage Thompson Navigation

Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” We couldn’t agree more. When asked to create a new design for Thompson, we were honored, and we embraced the Eames’ mantra, investing our creative energies in a fresh design that would not only celebrate the Thompson brand, but also emphasize the craft, beauty, quality, strength and diversity of their materials.

Atop the home page, these messages are articulated through evocative images, tailored messages and subtle movement. The clean layout with intuitive and visual navigation is an artful display, creating a pleasant and seamless experience at every click / touch. Our aim was to engage the professional and the homeowner, enabling them to connect with the materials, emotions and possibilities, prior to stepping foot into a showroom.

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