We knew from the beginning DeNova’s Element community, located in the heart of Brea California was going to call for something memorable and fresh with a strong approach for the branding components of the project. Placewright is excited to announce that our team, along with supporting partners have created the “Be Home… be in your element,” concept meriting as a finalist for Best Brand Continuity at the Greater SMC’s SoCal Awards.

By blending a curated set of elements, some drawing specifically on Feng Shui, we crafted a unique brand narrative through nomenclature, textures, tactile nuances, colors, shapes, fonts, photography and symbolic connotations.

It was our pleasure to design the name, logo, colors, brochure, community advertisements and much more for this amazing community here in Southern California.

Congratulations to our client, Lori Sanson and the rest of the DeNova team.

Architect – Woodley Architectural Group Inc.
Interior Designer – HRI Design
Signage – Outdoor Dimensions

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