Placewright Design is honored to have won at the 2016 SoCal Awards for Best Website for an Associate. We want to give a special thank you to our client, Thompson Building Materials, as well everyone who was part of creating this new site.

Charles Eames once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.” We couldn’t agree more.

When asked to create a new design for Thompson’, we were honored. And, we embraced Eames’ mantra, investing our creative energies in a fresh design that would not only celebrate their brand, but also emphasize the craft, beauty, quality, strength and diversity of their materials. Atop the home page, these messages are articulated through evocative images, tailored messages and subtle movement. The clean layout, intuitive and visual navigation is an artful display, creating a pleasant and seamless experience at every click / touch. Our aim was to engage the professional and the homeowner, enabling them to connect with the materials, emotions and possibilities, prior to stepping foot into a showroom. The Materials gallery, rich with imagery, brings materials to life, reducing the need to envision. While there is more to come, the new site deviates from a cluttered approach and provides an elegant, modern, curated and interactive experience. The site also encourages visits to the beautiful showrooms, connecting with the sales team and partners. Most importantly, this new design is a milestone that integrates the past, present and future of Thompson Building Materials.

Visit the website: