Inspired by the community’s close proximity to the blue Pacific, this logo’s timeless and luxurious design was intent on capturing a serene, oasis-inspired resort lifestyle for these 55+ apartment residences. A number of factors were incorporated into many nuances of the final design, from the earthy tones of the sand, water and sun found on relaxing, Californian beachscapes, to the oil painting texture featured as a nod to the builder’s strong interest in cultivating a creative environment.

Colors played an important part in delivering the tone for this community’s lifestyle. The blend of both blue and green colors not only represent water, but also an organic, healthy and calm feel, while still carrying enough saturation to bring a vibrancy and excitement to the overall design. The script for the wordmark conveys a casual, elegant and relaxed place to call home, and the secondary text clearly identifies location without taking away from the main wordmark. Extensive research and thought went into crafting the design. Out of numerous other designs presented during the initial pitch this was immediately a top contender, and ultimately chosen as the final direction for the logo that exists today!