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Branding, Marketing & Environment Design for Irvine’s Hottest New Co-working Company: Modi Offices, a unique and much-needed solution for the Asian-American community.

Working with our client, Pacific Capital Properties, we created a highly-integrated experience, from the Naming System, Logo, Colors, Pattern, Imaging & Messaging to a Technologically Branded Environment, Marketing & Sales tools and more.

Modi makes a splash on Orange County’s international business community, bridging the gaps in geography and time by offering an intelligent and modern, global-centric place to work, play and connect. Services tailored with the Korean, Japanese and Chinese business needs in mind, and a people first approach, Modi’s freshly renovated 20,000 square foot building offers a wide array of office spaces and amenities. Translation services, Travel & Event Planning, Conference Facilities and Multilingual Receptionist Services are just a few of the benefits members will experience.

With a sharp focus on this growing demographic, we applied our combined knowledge and experience, to create a seamless experience from idea, to strategy, to brick & mortar and more:

Brand Identity Design for the Discerning Customer 
Name Development, Logo Design, Colors & Patterns, Imaging, Sales & Marketing Collateral

As designers, we focus on the details and ensure everything is just right. Providing a holistic brand approach for this new start up launching itself into the co-working office monopoly was just what it needed. From the brand strategy and ideation, developing the name, logo, colors, patterns, to curating images tailored to the brand, we set out to create something that strategically aligned with our demographic.

Our goal was and is to create a polished, elegant and unique brand. Through strategic planning and design the brand was developed into a classy, culturally pertinent and refined brand narrative.

The name Modi is a unique union of “mod” from “modern and “i” from “intelligent,” inspired by the company’s brand promise and mantra “Extraordinary is our standard.” In addition to being visual and memorable, Modi is specifically crafted to be easy to translate and pronounce, with special consideration for the Korean, Chinese and Japanese customers and members.

View More Modi Branding Here

The Digital Experience
Website, Interactive Displays, Email Marketing & More

The website artfully and quickly captures the brand’s sophisticated personality and offerings, through imagery, messaging and a clean, cut-through-the-clutter approach. Modi as a solution celebrates Irvine’s “Live. Work. Play.” mantra. As such, featuring Orange County’s stunning and convenient destinations from cultural, to shopping, to dining and more, was essential. Layering in the international component and upcoming locations was also critical to ensure the brand sends the right messages, even though still in the early stages of seeing those locations realized.

We introduced a variety of opportunities for interactive displays that visually tell the story of the places, people and things that matter most, instantly creating the inescapable allure of the international business marketplace. Two beautiful displays light up the lobby, especially in the evening, when the Jeffrey Business Park thrives with the center’s hustle and bustle of international business hours, academies and more. A private directory and additional displays provides convenient information such as news, events and highlights.

Technology is all around us, and, when done right, it has the power to truly connect people. As a branding team passionate about environments and integrated marketing, we saw the opportunity and need to introduce technology as a key ingredient in the brand toolset and physical environment.

View more of The Digital Experience here

Branded Environment, Interiors Integration, Wayfinding & Signage Design

From interactive displays, floor to ceiling message insets that grace end of hallways, larger than life brand signs, way finding design and placemaking, the brand new 20,000 square foot office space is brimming with fun and engaging experiences.

View more of Modi’s Branded Environment here

Custom Packaging Design & Branded Ephemera

As a gesture of welcome and gratitude for Modi’s new members, our client asked us to design an exclusive, custom gift. With a stringent budget in place, we rolled up our sleeves to orchestrate the parts and pieces – from gadgets to materials and process – we researched and tested a variety of options from custom to non-custom solutions. This beautiful package not only met the client’s budget, but artfully ties into the brand and the interiors, right down to the guest chairs. Oh, and the new members seem to love it as well.

Our vision was to create something that speaks to the elegance of the brand, not only aesthetically but also from a functional standpoint. Thinking outside the proverbial box, we put our research, design and creative skills to work. We chose a pre-manufactured high gloss lacquer box, curated these specific branded elements and neatly inset them in the foam (cable adapter discreetly tucked underneath). With the final touch of a custom mirrored & brushed metal plate etched into the cover, this end results is functional, sleek and sophisticated.

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2850 Redhill, Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705

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